5 Great Alternatives to Dollywood In Pigeon Forge

If you don’t have time to visit Dollywood while you’re in town, don’t worry! There are plenty of thrilling attractions in Pigeon Forge TN you can experience. From mountain coasters to other thrill rides, you have plenty of options. Here are 5 thrilling attractions in Pigeon Forge TN that are great alternatives to Dollywood:

the mountain monster

1. The Mountain Monster

The Mountain Monster is one of the most thrilling attractions in Pigeon Forge TN. This impressive 200-foot-tall tower structure at the Mountain Mile offers 3 different experiences for you to enjoy, including the Monster Fall, Monster Launch, and the Mountain Monster. Choose one of the ride experiences or try them all to see which is your favorite! The Mountain Monster is designed by Utah’s S&S Worldwide, who also created the Barnstormer swing ride at Dollywood.

Flyaway Skydiving

2. Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

Thrill seekers won’t want to visit Pigeon Forge without a stop at Flyaway Indoor Skydiving! This unique facility allows you to experience the sensation of flying without the fear of jumping from a plane or falling out of the sky! As a flyer, you attend a 15-minute training class to discuss body control techniques and safety procedures. Once you are geared up in your suit, helmet, and other safety equipment, you are all ready for your 15-minute session in the wind tunnel!

Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

3. Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

Another one of the most thrilling attractions in Pigeon Forge TN is the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster, which puts you in the driver’s seat as you control the speed of your coaster ride down the mountain! This is not only the longest coaster in east Tennessee but the first one in the world with 4 separate lift hills. As if that doesn’t cool enough, the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster also features 4 themed tunnels to add to the adventure!

Family Fun Stop

4. Skyscraper at Fun Stop Family Action Park

The Skyscraper at Fun Stop Family Action Park is a crazy ride that spins you 150 feet into the air while reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour! You can ride this attraction solo or with a partner, and the only requirement is you have to be at least 42 inches tall to participate. Whether you choose to watch the kids fly through the sky or join in on the fun, you will be amazed at what this incredible ride can do!

Zip Line Coaster

5. The Flying Ox at Lumberjack Adventure Park

The Flying Ox at Lumberjack Adventure Park is a unique combination of a zipline and rollercoaster, so it is the very first of its kind! Strap into the solo seat that is securely attached to the overhead track and get ready to soar like an eagle around Lumberjack Square! While at the Lumberjack Adventure Park, you will also find several other attractions to get your adrenaline pumping, including the 80-foot-tall Timber Towers with 4 controlled jump elements!

Where to Stay

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